Company registration


Company registration in Bulgaria

Company registration in Bulgaria

Set up your business in Bulgaria.

Registering a company in Bulgaria will allow you to operate and pay the lowest taxes in the EU. The corporate income tax for Bulgarian companies is 10%, the lowest in Europe in comparison with offshore destinations.

Your Bulgarian company can operate in any EU country or the world. Especially appropriate for companies importing or exporting goods or providing services. The activity can be structured so that most of the profit remains in your Bulgarian company and is taxable in Bulgaria.

The best type of company in Bulgaria is a limited liability company/Ltd/.

The huge advantage in the registration of a company with our help is that in addition to competent legal advice, you will receive professional financial and accounting assistance. This will allow you to plan your taxes before registering your company.

InBalance – Plovdiv Ltd. can register your new Bulgarian company even without you coming to Bulgaria if you authorize us to do this.

Besides the registration of companies, we offer other services such as:

– Corporate changes and transformations;

– Suspension and liquidation of companies and other.
If you choose to entrust us with the responsible task of your new company’s registration, do not hesitate to contact us to get an offer and ask your questions.